Behavioral Research Supervisory System 

BRSS exists to ensure the timely completion of masters thesis projects, undergraduate thesis projects and various other tasks that maintain or improve the effectiveness of the subsystems within the BATS system


BRSS Contact Information



BRSS Senior Manager
Sydney Harbaugh 









BRSS Junior Manager
Emma Sipila















BRSS Junior Manager
Keili Scott


BRSS Course Description

  The purpose of the Behavioral Research Supervisory System is to monitor students’ progress on various projects, ensuring that they complete weekly tasks. The timely completion of tasks allows the students to maintain and improve the projects over the course of the semester

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Maintenance of Interventions: The Behavioral Research Supervisory System

 First a brief review of the intervention. What you're talking about is our Behavioral Research Supervisory System (BRSS) that we use to manage the performance of students doing BA honors theses, MA theses, MA projects, Ph.D. dissertations, and assistantship tasks. It's a performance-management system where the researchers and assistants normally work about 13 hours per week. They are supervised by advanced grad students or by me, in the case of the Ph.D. students.

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