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Behavioral Bootcamp 2015

Boot Camp starts with Psy 6100, which runs for five weeks, then Psy6710which is for the next five weeks. Psy 6100 or its equivalent is a prerequisite for (Psy 6710). It is possible to take just Psy 6100 and not Psy 6710. 

Behavioral Boot Camp consists of these two courses:

PSY 6100: Conditioning and Learning, 3 hrs.

This course deals with the principles and concepts of behavior analysis from in a rigorous but entertaining manner, with many applied and everyday life examples.

PSY 6710: Higher-Order Behavioral Processes and Their Applications, 3 hrs.

This course is a continuation of PSY 6100. The emphasis is on the rule governance of complex behavior of verbal human beings. Areas of analysis include behavioral medicine, and rehabilitation, behavioral anthropology, family life, child rearing, community interventions, education, self-management, organizational behavior management, developmental disabilities, autistic behavior, neurotic behavior, and sexual behavior. PSY 6100 and 6710 combine to provide a behavior-analytic world view.

The main texts for Psy 6100 are Principles of Behavior 7th edition and I'll Stop Procrastinating When I Get Around to It, as well as extensive support materials that will be available in a course pack.

The text for Psy 6710 consists of a course pack with semi-programmed instruction on applied behavior analysis and including many additional articles and chapters. 

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BATS Systems Hierarchy 2015-2016




BATS Animal Family


MA,PhD,BCBA Program in Autism

BATS offers a two-year MA program, 3 year Ph.D with a focus on Autism. We train students to be practitioners, not researchers. Our MA students do a practical MA project rather than an MA thesis. The MA project usually consists of teaching an undergrad seminar in behavior analysis for two semesters and doing an R&D project. We train people in autism and organizational behavior management (OBM). We also ensure that student get the experience to become BCBA.


Practicum Requirements

The Professional Psychology Practicum (PPP) portion focuses on working in human services settings.  Students will obtain practicum hours at WoodsEdge Learning Center or the Kalamazoo Autism Center implementing discrete-trial training with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

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Master's Projects

Students begin their M.A. Projects during the Fall semester of their first year and continue them throughout their second year, culminating in a paper and PowerPoint presentation.  The project involves teaching undergraduate psychology courses, PSY 3600/1000H and/or PSY 4600, and completing a Research and Development (R&D) project based on your management of the system for which you are selected.


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